Rugby Amateur Transmitting Society


GB3ME - The Rugby 70cms Repeater

The Rugby 70cms repeater is kept, maintained and funded by the RATS.  We are lucky to be able to utilise a secure tall building on high ground, in Rugby, which allows excellent coverage of the area. 

Channel RB06

Output Frequency                        433.150MHz

Input Frequency                          434.750MHz

Split                                       +1.60MHz

CTCSS                                     A67

Mode                                       Analogue

Location                                    Rugby  SP518756  IO92JJ

Coverage                                   UK

Keeper                                     G7BQM


Notes: The Mk3 repeater and its antenna, filter and transmission line updates are now complete (for the present!)  Initial findings are that  coverage is similar to the previous version, when it was at its best.

At times a harsh interfering noise signal can hold the repeater open until it times-out.  Investigations are continuing to try and identify the source.  Meanwhile, the squelch has had to be set at a level higher than optimal, which means weak signals may not be able to open the repeater.

Many thanks to Ian, M0IJS for all his work on the repeater.


Updated 27 June 2016