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GB3ME Talk 18 June 2011

Introduction by G7BQM

What is a Repeater?

Definition: An Amateur Radio Repeater is one type of transponder, it receives a FM signal on one frequency, amplifies it and retransmits it on another frequency.

Repeaters can be divided into analogue and the newer digital types.

The repeater output frequency is usually on the same band but Amateur Satellite Repeaters (OSCARs – Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio) are usually cross-band and can be FM, SSB and data (AX25, packet, APRS).

Who owns the Repeater?

The keeper does in the eyes of the RSGB and OFCOM but of course in reality GB3ME is now run and funded by RATS.

Who is the Keeper?

Currently it is G7BQM, RATS Technical Officer.  I took over from Peter Wells G0JEW last October.  The repeater keeper is granted a Notice of Variation (NoV) on their amateur radio licence to permit them to install, run and maintain the repeater.  It is also their duty to keep a log of the repeater, make sure it is on frequency, not causing interference to others and not suffering from abuse.

Where can you get Repeater Information?

The Emerging Technologies Co-ordination Committee (ETCC) of the RSGB has a web presence and resource for all at:-

This is a useful site containing information which is kept as up-to-date as possible , data being fed in by all repeater keepers.

Moral: if you cannot access or work a particular repeater, look here to make sure you are giving it what it needs. also has some good tips on repeater use and etiquette.

Technical Aspects by G8LYB

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