Rugby Amateur Transmitting Society


Club Construction Projects based on Practical Wireless series by Phil Cadman G4JCP

PW Aug 2013: PIC Audio generator - see Bowood Electronics link below

PW Jan 2012: Introduction and PW PIC Battery Voltage Monitor

Practical Wireless Series of PIC Microcontroller Projects 2012

Buy Microcontroller & Processor PICkit 2 Flash Starter Kit. Microchip DV164120 online from RS for next day delivery.

Bowood Electronics - Suppliers of electronic components (UK)

Gooligum Electronics - Tutorial series introducing Microchip’s PICs

PW PIC battery voltage monitor - it works as advertised - Ted 8/2/2012

Beware issues with Microchip MPLAB and Windows 7.  Going to try XP Mode for 7 in the next few days.  Have had MPLAB working under 7, but then it stopped and refuses to work at present despite reinstalling. Ted 9/2/12


Updated 15 July 2013