Rugby Amateur Transmitting Society


Index to Reports on Club Talks and Events

New RATS Antenna Mast erected 28/08/2013

More Mast Photos

VHF NFD 2013

WSPR by Mike G8CTJ

Wonderwand by Carl G0NZI

GB3ME by Steve G8LYB and Ted G7BQM

Domestic Power Monitoring by Ian M0IJS

     (Suggest open link with Adobe Reader)

Frequency References for the Radio Amateur.pdf

by Steve G8LYB

Thermionic Valves.pdf by Mike G8CTJ

RATS G2FGT 25Mar17.pdf by Rob G2FGT

SMT lecture.pdf by Ted G7BQM

Amateur TV by Mike G8DLX - see Constuctors’ page for

                                   links from chat Nov 2018

RATS APRS 20180322.pdf from Ian M0IJS @ RATS Social 22 March 2018

Batteries.pdf by Ted G7BQM

Digital Modes Main.pdf by Mike G8DLX Feb 2020


Updated 22 Feb 2020