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For sale adverts on this page are for Society Members but anyone is welcome to contact the seller via email to G7BQM.

To place an advert, please email with all the details you require to be posted.  Most of the usual formats can be handled if you are sending an attachment, but plain text in the core of an email is also OK.  Please let me know when the advert is no longer needed.


1.  EA5IGC PCB for W2AEW Time Domain Reflectometer - £1.50

2. 5th Wheel Grease suitable for servicing rotator bearings and gears - £1.00 for a 50gm pot (enough for at least 2 doses).

NB  Both these items will be available at out rally on 18 August 2018


Nothing at present.

Interested?- please email


Updated 27 July 2018