Constructors’ Page

Whilst many of the more experienced amateurs can design complex circuits, manufacture printed circuit boards and build a chassis or enclosure, a good way for the beginner to start construction is with a kit.

This page gives links to product manufacturers, both in the UK and overseas, whose products members have actually built, have contemplated building or use.

Amateur TV Useful Links plus.pdf     Helpful Notes by Mike G8DLX

RATS Coax etc           Cables and Connectors and power cables.

Kent Engineering         Morse keys, paddles, keyers etc.

Elecraft                      HF CW/SSB transceivers, ATU’s, mini-modules

Linear Amp UK           Now owned by the DX Shop – parts but no more kits.

Larry Phipps                Various kits including precision digital wattmeter.

Sandpiper             Antenna kits and parts

G3ZOI                         ARDF resources including kits 

Spectrum Comms        Ham kits & modules –  Practical Wireless PCB service

WonderWand              Not a kit but this range of QRP compact antennas

                                    manufactured by one of our members just has to be

                                    mentioned and tried out!

                                    See also:– WonderWand Yahoo Group

SOTA Beams              Lightweight portable antennas and useful accessories

Living-in-the-Past   Not Ham Radio but classic real valve audio, updated where

                                    appropriate!  TheTransformers are British Made!!

Pi Attenuator Calculator – ‘As it says on the tin’

Science Tools & Calculators – Index Page – many of Ham interest

dBm to watts conversion  and other conversions

Capacitor values  terminology explained and other things

Peak Electronic Design Ltd  Handheld Test gear

Elecraft K3  Report of used example purchase and upgrade

W2AEW  Over 200 youtube videos explaining many aspects of Amateur Radio and electronics.  Most of the projects that I have tried actually work!  eg search for #88 Time Domain Reflectometer for an excellent project and # 37 which explains how to use it.

Rotator Service.  The Valvoline grease recommended for Yaesu rotators is not available in the UK as far I can determine.  I have ample “Z030K10_TDS Z030 Fifth Wheel Grease.pdf” which is an equivalent and is available to all at £1 for 50gm (enough to service at least two rotators).   Once those steel balls running on diecast aluminium start to corrode, rotator life becomes limited.  The grease needs to have some degree of water resistance, since the bearings are not sealed.  Suggest wearing nitrile gloves – it doesn’t come off easily!  Yaesu UK on 01962-866667 can supply parts.  If you are having trouble with your rotator, I might be able to help, having successfully repaired an old G1000DXC after downloading instructions from the internet and more recently a G400RC controller with a cracked PCB, broken tracks and an open-circuit miniature inductor.