GB7ME – The Rugby 70cms Digital Repeater

The Rugby 70cm digital repeater has been built by RATS members and will be located at the RATS Clubhouse.  This repeater is an experimental platform, currently configured for DMR operation.  It was initially on soak in December 2016 and deployed later with positive behaviour throughout.

The platform comprises two Motorola GM340 radios within a Eurobase chassis. The controller is an MMDVM modem using an Arduino Due with Atmel AT91SAM3X8E. This and the MMDVM host on a Raspberry Pi are built from source. The Raspberry Pi also does some monitoring tasks such as thermal & network latency.

Currently on the bench in low power pending a firmware update.

Output Frequency439.725MHz
Input Frequency430.725MHz
Colour Code (CC)3
ModeDigital / DMR
KeeperIan M0IJS

Many thanks to Ian M0IJS for all his work developing this repeater.  The repeater was deployed in November 2018.