VHF National Field Day 2012

7/8th July 2012

The day after the drought was announced, it started to rain and has rarely stopped!  The recce at Borough Hill about a month before field day showed that the site was going to be unsuitable for various reasons, especially if it was still wet.

Our options were considered but the best site on high ground near the club was booked and therefore unavailable.  The decision was taken to operate from the edge of the field outside the RATS clubhouse and surrounding land in our lease, once permission had been obtained from the Radio Station owners and the tenant farmer.  Since we were operating 2, 4 and 6 metres, the lack of altitude and clear take-off was not considered enough of a problem to prevent ‘some fun’.

Needless to say it rained heavily on the Friday afternoon before the event and we all got wet and muddy setting up the antennas and operating tents as the lighter rain set in and gradually cleared.  Results will be published later, once all entries are in.

Postscript – Ted G7BQM: We were very lucky with our power supply for the event. When started on the next UKAC Tuesday evening, the generator (air cooled diesel) ran for about half an hour before stopping suddenly and refusing to restart. A post-mortem today showed that the cause was a catastrophic fatigue failure of the upper crankcase resulting in upwards separation of the cylinder barrel. The stoppage was caused by this upwards movement which caused the valve rockers to be released from the push-rod cups – no more valve movement. Engine oil level fine, as were the piston and cylinder head including valves!