Index to Reports on Club Talks and Events

WonderwandCarl G0NZI
GB3MESteve G8LYB and Ted G7BQM
Domestic Power Monitoring November 2012Ian M0IJS
Frequency References for the Radio AmateurSteve G8LYB
Thermionic Valves March 2013Mike G8CTJ
Radio & Computer interfacing 25Mar17Rob G2FGT
SMT lectureTed G7BQM
Batteries Ted G7BQM
Amateur TV November 2018Mike G8DLX
RATS APRS 20180322 @ RATS Social March 2018 Ian M0IJS
VHF National Field Day 2018All
Receiving SSTV from the ISSIan M0IJS
Digital Modes February 2020Mike G8DLX
APRS October 2020Ian M0IJS
DATV Activity March 2021Ian M0IJS
DATV Activity April 2021Ian M0IJS
DATV Activity May 2022M0IJS/G8DLX/G3TQF
VHF National Field Day 2022All